Do you need help with LLN strategies for your learners? Then this is the reference book you have been waiting for. This guide gives you the teaching strategies at every ACSF level across the skills: reading, writing, learning, oral communication and numeracy.

Trainer Reference Guide – to Foundation Skills and the ACSF (sample)

  • A guide to teaching LLN skills
  • A guide to the delivery of Foundation Skills in vocational training
  • References to the sample activities at ACSF Level 1 – 5
  • Mapping to the Foundation Skills levels and types of Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Oral Communication and Learning

The Core Skills for Work (CSfW) Practical Manual (sample)

Standards for RTOs Practical Manual (sample)

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Reference Manuals (Go to product page)

These manuals provide sample activities specifically mapped to the ACSF Levels 1 -5 for Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy

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vocational literacy resources in Australia

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